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Q: Can I nurse my child while wearing NOONI'S?

A: Absolutely! In an effort to achieve maximum nighttime comfort, NOONI’S Nursing Sleep Bras do not include hook-and-eye closure. Instead, NOONI’S are design to easily lift up for a skin-to-skin nursing experience with baby or pull down for quick nursing access.  

Q: What stage of pre- or post-partum are NOONI’S bras designed for?

A: NOONI’S Nursing Bras are designed for all “4 trimesters” (pre- and post-partum). While the absorbent inner layers functions to prevent leaks, the sleep bra itself is incredibly soft and cozy for all of your pregnancy and post-partum comfort needs. Here are a few examples when you, or a loved one, may find comfort while wearing NOONI’S Bra:   

During pregnancy you...

  • Need a little extra support for painful nights.
  • Need protection from the occasional leaky night.
  • Can’t seem to find a comfortable sleep bra that will hold your top breast inside while you lay on your side.

While postpartum you...

  • Have just experienced your milk's arrival and you need a little extra support at night. And, maybe some extra protection from spraying everywhere and everyone.
  • Have just begun breastfeeding, your nipples are cracked and sore, and you need a soft barrier to protect your clothing from nipple cream- and, that won’t be stuck to you when you wake up (ouch!)
  • Haven’t been able to find a nursing pad that you like, that stays where you want it to, that covers a large enough area, or that can absorb breastmilk without saturating through onto your nightgown.
  • You are finally sleeping a longer stretch at night and find yourself in a puddle of breast milk.
  • Let-down on both sides while you nurse and end up getting your poor munchkin all wet.
  • Don’t have any need to wear a sleep bra anymore, but find NOONI'S bras to be so soft and cozy that you want to keep wearing them anyway.

Q: How many NOONI’S should I purchase?

A: We recommend starting out with at least two. If you are a heavy leaker you may wish to purchase more. For maximum comfort and skin health we recommend changing into a dry NOONI’S when wet, washing NOONI’S as soon as possible after each use, and drying completely. How many NOONI’S you will need will depend on how frequently you plan on doing laundry for your little one.

Q: Do I need to wear nursing pads inside NOONI’S to protect from leaking?

A: Nope! We designed NOONI’S to eliminate the struggles associated with nursing pads by making the entire front of NOONI'S Nursing Bra absorbable and leak-resistant. No more adjusting pads throughout the night, or waking up in a puddle of breast milk with your nursing pads bunched up on the side. The seamless front layer of NOONI’S is made of baby soft fleece, which will wick away breast milk; hold body heat so you wont feel cold when the bra gets wet; is less likely to stick to healing, chapped nipples than a standard cotton breast pad; and will be where you need it, no matter how many times you turn over at night.  

Q: Can NOONI'S guarantee I won't leak through onto my pajamas?

A: Our patented leak-resistant technology is designed to wick breastmilk away, absorb it, and prevent it from passing through. However, all fabric materials have a saturation threshold. Therefore, we recommend treating your NOONI'S Nursing Bra as you would a nursing pad and changing it when wet to avoid over saturation and possible seam leakage. To determine if NOONI’S will work for you, check out some of our testimonials on the home page, or read through our product reviews, to see how NOONI'S worked for other leaking Mamas.  

Q: Are NOONI'S just for leaking Moms?

A: While the inspiration, design, and construction were created with a leaking Mom in mind, NOONI'S can be worn through any stage of your pregnancy and postpartum journey - and beyond. The material is soft to the skin, and the gentle support provides comfort for Moms or Moms-to-be to sleep a little more soundly at night. 

NOONI'S are also idea for any woman who has undergone a breast surgery and needs a very gentle support, with a soft inner material that won't irritate healing scars.

Q: How do I care for my NOONI'S?

A: We recommend that you wash your nursing bra after each use, especially if you are leaking. For best results, hand wash in hot soapy water and line dry. If you prefer to machine-wash your NOONI’S bra, we recommend a gentle cool wash cycle, and a low heat dry cycle. Do not use fabric softener as it can inhibit absorption. With either washing method, wash your NOONI'S bra as soon as possible and dry completely. Note: Some discoloration or staining may occur on the absorbent, front layer due to the natural color of breast milk.

Q: How do I properly fit myself for a NOONI'S Sleep Bra?

A: To find the size that will fit you best, visit our Sizing Chart page. For additional assistance, email customer service at info@shopnoonis.com.

Q: Does NOONI'S make a day-time bra? 

A: NOONI'S bras are designed for overnight comfort, and the early days at home with your newborn, however you may wish to wear them at other times during the day as well.  

Q: Can I use nipple cream while I wear NOONI'S? Will it damage the material?

A: We know nipple cream can be a lifesaver for a breastfeeding mom, so use as much as you need while wearing your NOONI'S! Please note that depending on the cream's ingredients, you may notice discoloration, stains, and the bra may feel less soft after washing. If your cream contains oil, it may leave the oils' odor in the material as well. When possible, choose a non-toxic, certified organic nipple balm and follow the washing instructions. 

Q: Why not just use disposable nursing pads that stick to the skin under a nursing bra?

A: Choosing reusable materials over disposables saves money, reduces waste, and gives you control over what touches your skin. However, if disposable nursing pads are working for you, that's great! No judgement here.  

Q: If I purchased the wrong size, can I exchange for a different size? 

A: Yes. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase and find a NOONI'S that fits you best. NOONI'S will gladly exchanges items in new and unused condition, with all garment tags and protective hygienic stickers intact and unsoiled within 15 days of purchase date, FREE OF CHARGE.  


A: Excellent idea! NOONI’S make a great gift. We are happy to offer two options for our gift givers:

  1. You may order a NOONI’S in any size/color you think your lucky gift recipient would like. If you select the incorrect size or color, we will exchange it for her, free of charge. View our exchange policy for more information.
  2. You may purchase a gift card for the recipient to use to place an order once she knows what size she will need. Gift cards never expire, and are available in two forms:

o   Electronic. Immediately after purchase your gift card will be emailed to you. Your can then print the gift card or forward the email directly to the gift recipient. 

o   Physical. By request, we can customize, gift-wrap and mail a physical gift card directly to you or the recipient. 

CLICK HERE for more information about NOONI’S gift cards.

For instructions on how to process an exchange, or to review our full returns and exchange policy, please visit Returns & Exchanges.

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