How it Works

NOONI'S patent-pending construction is the first and only to offer full coverage, leak-resistant security, easy nursing access AND incredible comfort, all in one nursing garment! Here's how:


3 layers of leak-resistant protection wick away, absorb, & prevent breast milk from leaking through. 
              Graphic of How Nooni's Works

      Soft & Cozy:

      NOONI'S baby-soft fleece interior is kind to tender skin, and unlike cotton, stays warm when wet. 
      .A view inside NOONI'S baby soft fleece interior


      In an effort to achieve maximum nighttime comfort, NOONI'S nursing sleep bras do not include hook-and-eye closures. Instead, NOONI'S are designed to easily lift up for a natural skin-to-skin experience with baby, or pull down for easy nursing access.
      Mom Nursing her Baby in a Nooni's Sleep Bra
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