Our Story

Nooni with her son who inspired the invention of Nooni's leak-resistant nursing apparel

Pictured above: Nooni* and her son, who inspired the invention of NOONI'S nursing apparel. 

Our story began after the birth of Nooni’s first son, when it became our mission to create a product that would help Moms and Moms-to-be rest easier.

Like most great ideas, NOONI'S nursing apparel was created out of desperate need for a solution to months of heavy leaking and the struggle to find products that worked. Nooni spent one too many nights sleeping on crinkly sheet protectors, and layers of towels, with a back-up pile of t-shirts on her nightstand. Quickly she learned, she wasn’t alone.

Wanting to find a reusable solution that was good for the planet, Nooni tried a wide variety of reusable nursing pads. No matter the brand or the size, they never stayed where she needed them to. One morning when she had to peel a nursing pad off a sore, cracked nipple (ouch!), she learned that not all materials are the same. Her struggle continued with nursing sleep bras. They all fit great while standing in the fitting room, but immediately failed to contain her while she slept on her side. Shoulder strap clips were uncomfortable to lie on, and were a struggle to reattach at the most exhausting, low-lit, times of night. 

When Nooni’s parents, who have been in the apparel business for over 40 years learned of her struggles, they were anxious to help. What started as a detailed drawing of an absorbable sleep bra solution, is now NOONI'S nursing apparel; a patent-pending, all-in-one, leak-resistant, solution. The first to not only provide support, comfort and easy nursing access, but also wick away, absorb and prevent breast milk from leaking through.

It is our hope that NOONI’S leak-resistant nursing apparel will help Moms and Moms-to-be rest easier.

The inventor of Nooni's leak-resistant nursing apparel posing with her son

*Ok we confess, Nooni isn’t her legal name. When she was two years old people would ask her what her name was and she would respond with, “Nooni!" To this day, her parents call her Nooni, or Noon for short.



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