Nooni’s revolutionizes the nursing apparel industry

New Mom Rejoicing over the opening of Nooni's this Spring

NOONI'S nursing sleep bra finally helps new mothers rest easier. 

The Michigan based company, NOONI'S, is already changing the expectation about what nursing apparel can, and should do, with their exclusive release of the first leak-resistant nursing sleep bra (patent-pending).

After the birth of her son, NOONI'S founder, Lauren Hinnershitz, was in desperate need of a product that would help her rest easier between evening feedings. She was fortunate to have a strong supply of breast milk, but unfortunate to suffer with months of uncomfortable leaking, especially overnight. Tired of struggling with failed nursing products that would wake her up throughout the night, wet and uncomfortable, Hinnershitz created a solution, NOONI'S Nursing Sleep Bra.

NOONI'S Nursing Sleep Bra is the first to offer leak-resistant security, easy nursing access, and incredible baby-soft comfort all in one garment. New and expecting moms can finally rest easier, because the entire front of NOONI'S has been constructed to wick away, absorb, and prevent breast milk from leaking through. And, without the need for additional nursing pads, everyone can rest easier knowing NOONI'S are easier on the environment, too!

“We’ve received great feedback from moms who have tested our sleep bra. Aside from compliments about comfort, it’s most exciting when a leaky mama tells us their baby woke them up before their nursing apparel; mission accomplished! We can’t wait to share NOONI'S with new moms everywhere and start a revolution in industry expectations.” says Hinnershitz

NOONI'S online store will open to the public this Spring and will begin offering pre-sale products exclusively to their email subscribers before opening to the public. Those interested in subscribing can do so by visiting For more information about NOONI'S, follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instragram @NoonisApparel, or email

Nooni's nursing apparel revolution

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